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Ray Ortiz is a published Author, Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master registered-insured practitioner who specializes in transitional Personal growth coaching, Intuitive writing, and Reiki / Tibetan sound bowls modality. 

He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Ray Ortiz received his Reiki level I, II and Master by Lisa Powers Reiki Master &Teacher, B, KI, B.Ed In addition, he is available to do presentations nationally and abroad to general audiences speaking on the topics of personal development, achievement, and fulfillment. Mr. Ortiz's writing is published on Amazon, Barnes, and Nobles, Audible audio book and iTunes in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.    

His specialty is assisting clients to be moved beyond falls beliefs that are not helping them to accomplish the transition from any particular goal, life circumstances or state of well-being. He performs this task by integrating Life coaching, Reiki and Tibetan bowl sound therapy. This unique approach help individuals to balance themselves, discover how false beliefs are taking control of their circumstances and balance the Ego mind set with their heart desires. Ray Ortiz also offers reading material that helps the process of self-awareness in his book Beyond the Fog published on Amazon and available in audio at Audible.

Ray Ortiz arrived at the age of 18 in Atlanta, Georgia with only $50.00 to his name, a piece of luggage, no family and no domain of the English language. The author shares in his books his experiences of persistence and spiritual journey, which translated into great life lessons and tips. Due to his endeavors and accomplishments, he decided to become a writer and Spiritual speaker after a successful career in various industries. His most recent Life lesson was the challenge to endure a divorce after 20 years of marriage. Today, Ray Ortiz is fully recovering from the experience, and with lots of wisdom, he decided to become a writer and share his personal experience by writing on personal development and the understanding of our Ego perception. Mr. Ray Ortiz founded The Eureka Effect.info as a source to offer his services and public speaking to everyone in search for a better life. 
Enjoy the journey!

His publications, Life coaching techniques, and Reiki practice provide insight solution-focused toward our everyday life challenges. Through this approach, he provided support and practical feedback to help clients effectively by addressing personal life and professional challenges. His compassion, understanding, and professionalism, work to help build on strengths and attain the personal growth we are committed to achieving. Join Ray Ortiz network at www.facebook.com/theeurekaeffect.info or send him a message at www.rayortiz@theeurekaeffect.info


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