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As a Life Coach and Reiki practitioner, I always look forward to finding ways to deliver comfort and healing to my clients as efficiently as possible. I decided to enhance my services by adding an incredible healing tool, Aromatherapy.

I choose to incorporate this approach due to personal experience. No long ago one morning I woke up and as I was getting out of bed, I did experience a very sharp pain traveling from my right side hip area to my ankle.

I was stunned because I am a very healthy person and I did not remember doing anything out of the ordinary to bother the area in pain. I decided to look into the possibilities, and apparently, I must have done something in my sleep to trigger my siatic nerve.

If you have never had such experience let me tell you, it is an excruciating and sharp pain that will make you feel like you want to cry. I started to apply Reiki right away, but the pain was so intense I was not able to concentrate on being useful.

I decided to see a chiropractor and for weeks the pain will only dissipate for a short while and will come back. I was desperate and at this point open to doing anything. Well, that is when I discover doTERRA essential oils.

My girlfriend Kristen knew someone who was an Aromatherapy practitioner, and she swears on how great results she had with this approach. I decided then to try and see how it will work., I was giving to take orally in a gel capsule with an essential oil name Frankincense. This essential oil has many healing properties as I discover by experiencing my pain diminished from the scale of ten being extremely painful to a two being manageable in less than 48 hrs.

I want to make clear that it was my personal experience and it might be different from others. After that recovery and since then no relapses, I decided to get to know better doTERRA as a company and manufactures of Aromatherapy products.

I am very grateful to Kristen and the opportunity to experience that physical challenge which allows me passing along to everyone the discovery of these oils and the organization behind it.
I am hoping you will have the opportunity to discover this great finding and become a believer too.

If I have a sparkle in you some interest, contact me as I am inviting those who feel the calling to be advocated healers practitioners and show them as part of my team how to make a difference in everyone's lives with this approach.
Many blessings,
Ray Ortiz

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