Sound Bath Therapy

Sound Bath Therapy is a meditate form of therapy  via sound and frequency achieve with the sounds of instruments of choice by the practitioner.  Science has discover that the human body has what is called a Biofield that just like a musical instrument is in need to be tune in order for the nervous system to maintain a state of balance and the body to experience a sense of wellbeing. this Biofield state of balance can get disrupted by elements like stress, traumas to mention a few.  When the Biofield  natural state is alter the nervous system also is affected creating an experience of unbalance manifested in our body in a form of anxiety, insomnia and in some cases high blood pressure. When the Bio field is tune the autoimmune system is active our organs are in sync with the natural rhythm of our mental and emotional self. creating a sense of well being and harmony.  to learn more about the Science behind sound bath watch the below video. to experience, any of the modalities offer in this website  use the Book Your Therapy Today link. below and fill the Therapy assessment form found under the forms link, Thank you. Important Note : You must disclose to the Therapist practitioner before your session the following,  if you are pregnant, have a pace maker or suffer from epileptic symptoms or conditions.  Frequency, sounds  instruments and techniques can affect or trigger

 the conditions mentioned here.   


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