Change your vibe..

Woman on DockIt is important we all take at least 15 minutes at the end of our days to decompress from the noise of our daily lives.

We often say how we can find time to relax? In reality, if we want to find it, we can make it happen.

Our well-being depends so much more on our ability to let go of the vibes that do not serve us and keep us unhappy, unhealthy and out of balance.
Otherwise, your significant other, kids, family, friends and most importantly you will suffer from not be able to experience happiness and fulfillment. 

Not everyone can afford to take a long or short vacation or flight to an exotic destination with beautiful scenery.

However, we take for granted the power of our imagination and the ingenuity of our technology.
So, I am showcasing a meditation video to help you reflect what trully is important and reset your body,mind and soul before ending your day. 

I hope you give yourself permission to recharge, decompress and rejuvenate every day here at The Eureka

Special thanks to The Mindful Movement for creating this video.
Many blessings,
Ray Ortiz