Services Provided

The Eureka® offers Life Coaching services for individuals seeking to attain clarity, guidance or resolution from life circumstances. Ray Ortiz as a certified Life Coach will enable you to discover ways to become empower and in charge of your life decisions.  Mr. Ortiz's rates are $75.00 an hour.  If you are interested in having multiple session please ask for our package sessions.   
The Eureka Effect Publishing House® offers books, Cd's and videos as tools to enhance the progress of everyone seeking to achieve the desired quality of life and balance they are aiming for. Each and every one of these publications are reviewed by Ray Ortiz and created or endorse by him.

The Eureka Reiki Effect® is a service provided by Ray Ortiz. As a certified Master Reiki practitioner he offers to his clients the opportunity to move beyond life circumstances and attain resolutions via the modality of Reiki. This practice enables the body and spirit to achieve a level of balance that promotes healing, relaxation and ultimately a sense of well-being. 
Mr. Ortiz's rates are $100.00 for a 45-minute session.
Ray Ortiz offers a combination of Life Coaching and Reiki application for a rate of $170.00 per hour and half session.   



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